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Connecting the Dots

We're excited to announce our new video series, Connecting the Dots. In these videos, we examine some notable excerpts from our podcast, bringing in some additional research, insights and visuals.

We learned a lot from our season one guests, and some of their insights encouraged us to do some digging. Is Ybor City the origin of the Cuban sandwich? Just how fast did Five Guys grow across the country? What was the relationship between Brinker International and Lettuce Entertain You? And Bennigan's was Pillsbury's hottest restaurant concept at one point, setting a record for growth among casual-dining brands?

That last one, in particular, makes no sense in today's world, where Bennigan's has only a handful of units and Pillsbury doesn't own any restaurants.

So, why not take a closer look? The stories shared by our guests are fascinating and deserve another look.

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